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Website Design Guide

As a website design company, we know a successful website is built on a variety of factors and is a collaborative process. When starting a website, it’s important we get to know about your business, your roadmap, and the core ideas you have for your web pages.

It’s also useful to know if you are going to be hands-on in creating content and website management or if you have a team that will perform these tasks.

The expectation of what can be achieved for your company website is also an important factor in creating the right design. For example, the 3 statements below involve totally different design features, page layouts, and workloads in both the design process and the ongoing work to create the required outcomes:

  • It’s just for clients to understand the company
  • The website needs to get more leads
  • The company needs to sell products online.
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Each requires a particular type of website. They require different tools, and types of content. The ongoing work will vary in the amount of additional web page content, marketing skills and SEO knowledge required.

The preliminary questions below are designed to make it easy to determine the type of website design you may need. It will also streamline the information you will need so you won’t read a lot of material that is not relevant to your website’s needs.

Why do you need a website?

To start write down why you need a site and what features you think you need. This just provides a bit of clarity to your thoughts. List the essentials and the priorities and list what you know you don’t need. Also, think about your business in the future and what you may need then – create your roadmap.

  • Do you think you will sell products online in the future?
  • Do you need marketing help, or do you already have people or a team for this?

Thinking about your potential future needs can help determine the best outcomes and help make the right choices from the start.

Another thing to consider is the best method of customer interaction. Depending on your business organisation and the number of people involved you may have a preferred method of contact and lead data collection

  • Call you.
  • Email you.
  • Complete a contact form.
  • Sign up.
  • Online Chat app

Some businesses have teams dedicated to this; others are small and only have one or two people involved. If the numbers are small, then an online chat or phone calls may interfere with the daily workload too much, so a form or email may be prefered. Conversely, your sales skills may be better served by talking directly to prospective clients. Nothing is set in stone, and it can always be changed. Plus, you may decide to use all methods. It’s just worth thinking about.

Discussions like this help us layout your website, include your future plans, and work efficiently with your working practises. This has potential savings for you, as we can build a site that is not going to create major costs to add features down the line. You can find out more about WordPress on the organisation’s web page.

Lastly read all the options below before you make any decisions. The Web Design Guide attempts to give you clarity about what type of website you need. Please contact us with any questions and a free quotation

Website Design Options

What type of site do you need?

Any of the below scenarios applies to your business it would indicate you probably need a Starter Website

  • Do you get enough business from existing clients, reputation and word of mouth?
  • Web pages do not need to be ranked in Google listings particularly or require any online advertising.
  • You only want a website for an internet presence and to showcase to your clients.
  • The site just needs to be a good-looking information website so that people can see you are a legitimate business.

If any of the below fits your business you probably need a Small Business Website

  • The website needs to generate leads. My business is very hands-on and I don’t have time to do marketing
  • The business needs to rank well on Google.
  • The company has bookings into the near future but needs to secure more work ongoing.
  • We have expansion plans in the near future but need more work to afford it.

You will need a Business Website if any of the below apply to your company

  • The business is growing and we have a marketing budget for advertising.
  • The website needs updating. Leads and Traffic are dropping.
  • A mix of organic SEO and PPC AdWords marketing is required
  • Our current SEO and Ad Campaigns do not reflect our current business priorities.

If any of these apply to your business click the eCommerce Website button

  • The business needs an online store to sell products.
  • We need to sell event tickets online
  • Our site needs a membership subscription with online payments.
  • As a charity we need to process donations online

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