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SHOP is an eCommerce platform for building online storefronts that can quickly and effectively sell your goods and services. No matter how many goods or services you offer, we will implement the appropriate applications to promote sales volume.

WooCommerce is our most popular platform to create a store on the majority of the e-commerce websites we create. There are many features that are either included or readily available as free or at low-

WooCommerce is the perfect platform for website owners who want a simple and cost-efficient way to start an eCommerce business. Not only is it easy to use, but it also comes with a range of features and plugins that won’t break your budget. For very large stores, we recommend Magento too.

One of the most important features of a store is images. You really need good and uniform images so that you showcase your products in a high-quality and consistent manner. Images that look very different, are not very clear and do not really let customers get a good first impression are negative to customer purchase.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands on a photographer. You just need to experiment with setups so you can consistently take the right type of photos. We can offer free advice on imagery.

Also your mobile phone is more than adequate to take great photos – especially to start with.

What you get with WebShop

✓  A WordPress WooCommerce or Magento System
✓  The Divi WooCommerce Page Builder for unique product and category page design possibilities.
✓  Payment gateways – PayPal. Square….
✓  24/7 online customer access to you online store
✓  Shopping Cart
✓  Discount options
✓  Customer Membership options
✓  Customer comment options
✓  Shipping, Tax and Payment Options
✓  24/7 management control access.
✓  Images with zoom pop-up or lightbox features
✓  Newsletter integration possibilities
✓  SEO integration for maximising you product pages exposure to the search engines
✓  and more…

Setting up a successful shopping website requires careful planning, design, and integration with payment processing gateway. With the right consultation, we can create a tailor-made webstore package that suits your business’s specific needs and provides room for future growth.

Our Online Shopping Websites feature a shopping cart and payment gateway integration, plus features to maximize your store’s potential, such as discount schemes and lead generation.

We offer complete support, including assistance with product listings, promotional ideas and more. Contact us today and let’s get started on designing the perfect shop website for you!

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online shopping websites

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