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What is SEO Website Optimisation?

SEO is the process of improving a website’s search engine rankings in the organic search results instead of spending money on paid advertising to get more visibility. Our SEO team can help you improve your online visibility by realizing and putting best practices for SEO into action.

This can involve tweaks to existing content, new content creation, keyword research, and other tactics aimed at increasing organic web traffic. Our SEO consulting can help businesses increase their brand awareness and gain more customers through improved search engine page rankings.

With today’s digital landscape becoming increasingly competitive, businesses are turning to SEO consulting services for help. SEO consultants specialise in optimising websites so they appear higher on organic search engine result pages (SERPs).

Nowadays, SEO experts must also contend with paid ad placements taking up the top and bottom spots of the page, pushing organic search results further down into the middle section.

It’s becoming trickier to compete not only with the paid ad placements but also because of the amount of competition currently on the internet. It’s important to have an SEO strategy. Talk to the team for an SEO analysis.

SEO Consulting

SEO website optimisation is all about using best practices to rank your webpage on search engine results. Due to the fact that search engines like Google use obscure criteria to determine how to rank a website, SEO website optimisation can be complicated. So that people cannot abuse the algorithms how they work is kept a secret.

In the past, ranking well was rather simple all you had to do was pack your content with keywords. As websites proliferated, it became increasingly important to develop complex strategies for earning the best rankings.

Google’s current strategy is to reward articles that are both highly informative and contain a number of relevant keywords that are dispersed naturally across the article. The text should read naturally, be pertinent to the topic of the page, contain a reasonable number of links, and not be a keyword-driven page that makes no sense. Simply they reward great content that people are interested in.


SEO Website Optimisation and Backlinks

Backlinks are an important factor in SEO, as they are links from other sites which direct traffic to your page. Having respected sites link to your page is viewed by Google as a sign of quality content. Quality backlinks increase the value of your page and can help you rank higher in search engine results pages. Moreover, it’s important that the backlinks come naturally instead of you creating them or trying too hard to get them with irrelevant content

Purchasing links or getting them from free directories, forums, and paid blogs can result in penalties for websites due to such tactics being flagged on Google as suspicious.

To create more organic and higher-quality backlinks, people should focus on creating interesting and relevant content that others will appreciate so much that they’ll want to link to it from their own pages.

The more valued content you create the more chances you have of getting more natural backlinks. If you can get a backlink from a government site, an educational site, or a highly ranked site that is relevant to your website then you will be rewarded. A proper backlink strategy can be the most important aspect of SEO and ranking success.

Google places a high value on backlinks, or links from other external websites to your page, as they are considered testimonials that demonstrate the worth of the information you have provided on your website. However, it must be noted that hyperlinks need to be created naturally by people who find your page interesting; links created by yourself will not be well-favoured by Google. 

Local SEO 

Local SEO is an important part of a successful SEO strategy. It targets local opportunities and focuses on connecting with customers in the geographical area specific to your business, making it essential for retail outlets and businesses that require local interaction with customers. For example, if you are a tradesperson from the Northern Beaches, it would be wise to target those in that area rather than individuals who live in Melbourne or Perth. You want to target people in your service area.

The importance of ranking on local searches and Google Maps is more important than ever with the help of location services provided by mobile devices. You must have content that targets local searchers and promote your business with a Google Business profile in order to do SEO right. Our team can implement all the required local SEO requirements to maximise your Local SEO.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising – The SEO alternative

The opposite of SEO is paying search engine companies to place advertisements on their listings pages. These sponsored listings are charged on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis and are displayed above, below and sometimes  besides the organic search result listings.

A website’s traffic can be increased by using the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model whereas organic SEO does not require payment, Organic listings do take time to get placed highly and require work. Search engine ads have the advantage of appearing very quickly after you setup payment details. The disadvantage is they disappear as soon as you stop payment.

They are great to kick start website traffic but can be costly. You need to work out a budget and carefully monitor where you money is going. You also need to realise that if you are trying to sell product with a low margin then you are probably not going to make any money as the cost of the ad will be more than the profit. If you use the ad to promote your brand this can produce some results but you need to be able to afford to put the cost aside as as a lose leader.

These ads work best on goods and services that provide good margin so the cost of the ad still means that any lead that ends in a sale still makes profit.

For ads to be successful you also need a high quality landing page (the page the ad directs the click to). The more relevant the landing page the more likely a sale or lead conversion and also the lower cost to you per click and per conversion. This is because the page is given a Quality Score and this score is one of the considerations that determines the ad ranking position and the costs.

If you can afford a big budget ads can create results. The amount of clicks exponentially grows the more you spend until it flattens out. Small budgets tend to be less successful. SEO is a more durable method as it is an evolving process that will last. It also is of benefit to your website as it goes hand in hand with website improvements by you adding more content, new subjects and targeting specific keyphrases. A mixed approach can sometimes be a smart way to go especially in the start up period when your SEO has not really started to generate site visits. There are many articles on this on the internet. 

The Search Engines and Good and Bad SEO

Let’s talk briefly about good (white hat) and bad (black hat) SEO strategies. In spite of complaints about how search engine companies frequently alter website rankings and penalise SEO “tricks,” we believe that overall, these companies are doing their best to “police” the internet in accordance with reasonable standards so that quality content is always available and rewarded. But what it does mean is that SEO is no longer a straightforward process and it needs a lot of work.

Those who are sceptical might interpret this as a strategy to persuade people to use Google AdWords rather than invest time and resources in SEO. However great Ads and low-cost campaigns need a significant amount of work too work and SEO applies to your ad Landing pages as well. With low-quality landing pages, you risk wasting a lot of money on clicks that don’t lead to sales.

The most recent Google algorithm improvements suggest that sites will receive higher rankings if they adhere to the rules and “white hat” SEO techniques, which include:

  • Unique content is important since you risk being penalised if your article is simply a replica of one found online.
  • Do not keyword stuff content – If your article does not really read naturally because you use your keyword(s) too many times you can be penalised.
  • Use Keywords relevant to the content. For the sole purpose of attracting visitors, using well-known but irrelevant keywords will lower your ranking.
  • Meta descriptions are not crammed with meaningless or redundant keywords. They should be informative about the page
  • You do not use “hidden content” to conceal keywords.
  • Your website is in good shape with few errors and broken links, is quick loading, has optimised pictures, and URLs that are search engine friendly.
  • Your photographs should be unique and not taken from photo libraries, and they should contain pertinent file names and alt tags.
  • Backlinks from high-quality websites are seen as a major endorsement of your website and the value of your content. They have a major impact on how well a site ranks.

Google usually penalises sites that it considers to be of low quality and that attempt to unfairly manipulate the ranking system using Black Hat SEO techniques. Black Hat SEO strategies go against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Effective SEO strategies and practices will reduce the possibility of any penalties and only serve to boost listing ranking.

You should be on the road to better rankings if you create helpful, pertinent material without attempting to trick the search engine algorithms. It does require patience and time to get the best outcomes.

What is Onsite and Offsite SEO?


Technical Onsite SEO Website Optimisation

As the name suggests, this includes the actions conducted as part of website management, content production, keyword and metadata optimisation, and site design to promote your website to search engines. A portion of this is just excellent design practice, removing errors, site speed, an honest approach to SEO, and quality content.

Offsite SEO Website Optimisation – Backlinks

Building high-quality backlinks to your website. Quality backlinks are links to your content that are made from authoritative websites (highly page-ranked websites that are relevant to your keywords), preferably using anchor text. The idea is that when an authoritative website links to content on your website, it shows that the well-respected site values your content.

Google might penalise users who purchase links. Do not use Link Farms.

Links should be created naturally and not by you. So links created on forums, directories and similar are usually flagged as suspicious. You can inform people of the existence of your content in various ways – personally tell people, use social media and link internally from your own blog.

SEO Consulting

We provide best practice SEO Website Optimisation services. Our flexible SEO plans adapt to your budget and requirements. Additionally, we offer advice and oversee social media marketing and pay per click campaigns Contact us for an obligation-free introduction. You can also try our free SEO Site Audit


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