Responsive Web Design

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Looking for a website that adapts seamlessly to all devices? Say hello to responsive web design – the technique that dynamically resizes website elements to perfectly fit any screen! Whether your visitors are browsing on a desktop or a mobile device, our responsive designs ensure a flawless user experience. No more frustrating zooming in and out or struggling to read tiny text. Our websites automatically adjust, delivering a beautiful and functional layout at all times.

Try it for yourself – shrink your browser window and see how the images and content effortlessly adapt to the new size. The number of columns even decreases, ensuring optimal readability. This flexibility means your website can be viewed on any device, from large desktop monitors to tiny smartphone screens. Embrace the power of responsive web design and never miss out on potential customers again!

At The Webdesign Company, we specialize in creating responsive websites that leave a lasting impression. Our talented team ensures that your website looks consistent and runs smoothly on all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. Don’t worry – our designs work like a charm across the board!

To fully enjoy the benefits of responsive design, we recommend upgrading your browser to at least Internet Explorer 9. It’s time to embrace the future of web browsing and provide your customers with an exceptional experience.

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Responsive Website design

Why is Responsive Design important?

More people now access the internet on mobile devices than desktops. This means that your website must be easily visible and usable on all devices and browsers. Responsive Website Design ensures a seamless experience on screens of all sizes – from large desktops to tablets and mobile devices.

With the dominance of Chrome and the wide range of browsers available, it’s crucial that your website displays consistently. We guarantee that your website will look the same and run smoothly on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and more.

As mobile internet usage surpasses desktop, performance on mobiles and handheld devices becomes critical. Upgrade to at least Internet Explorer 9 to view responsive websites, as older browsers do not support this modern design approach.

How does Responsive Website Design work?

Modern webpages are designed with adaptable templates that collapse into fewer columns as the screen size shrinks. The magic happens through CSS styling and media queries, which determine when and how your page adjusts. A media query determines at what screen size the change should happen and how many columns the page will display on the screen size.

No need to worry about coding – our page builders and themes come with built-in media queries, making it a breeze to create a responsive website. But if you want to fine-tune your page’s response, you have the power to edit these media queries and customize your desired outcome.

Embrace the future of web design and create a stunning website that captivates on any device. Contact us at or call 0423 333 533 and let’s bring your vision to life!